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  • Where do I park? 

Parking for the Albany Twilight Market at Quackenbush Square is available on location at the
Quackenbush Garage (25 Orange St.) and the nearby Riverfront Garage (2 Columbia St.).
Handicap parking and EV charging spaces are available at both locations. Parking rates may vary
by date and location, for more information visit

  • Can I bring my pet dog/cat/snake/rat/possum/raccoon etc...?​​​​​

Pets are welcome to any of our outdoor markets as long as they are well-behaved and leashed. Many vendors have fragile items and we cannot have animals jumping on tables or disrupting services. Pets are not allowed inside the Lakehouse at our October or December markets.


  • Can I bring my kids?

This event is open to the public and we do not ID. Please keep in mind that there may be sensitive subject matter (art of a sexual nature, curse words, wet specimens, taxidermy, blood art, etc) so please use your best judgment. Please do not allow your children to touch or grab items as many vendors are selling fragile or one-of-a-kind art.


  • Is there food?

Yes! We'll have hot food and coffee at every event. There are also several restaurants near our Quackenbush Square location such as the Olde English Pub, Wizard Burger, the Hollow, and more. Our Washington Park location is within walking distance of Lark Street, which has many restaurants such as Bitchin' Donuts, Sukhothai, and Savoy.


  • Is there alcohol?

We do not serve alcohol to be consumed on-premise. There are also several bars near our Quackenbush Square location such as the Common Roots, the Olde English Pub, and more. Our Washington Park location is within walking distance of Lark Street, which has many bars such as Pint Sized, Oh Bar, and Lionheart.


  • Do I have to buy tickets?

No, our event is free and open to the public.


  • How do I become a vendor?

You MUST apply to any event you are interested in working. May applications open March 1st, June applications open April 1st, and so on. Do not email me asking for a spot, do not DM me asking for a spot. This is a rotating THEMED market and not everyone will be selected. We only accept artists and vendors who fit our dark, alternative theme. If you are selected for one market, do not expect to be selected for all of them. I get over 100 applicants per event and trust me when I say that the reason our event does so well is that there are NEW vendors every single time. Artists who both fit the theme and show effort in sharing and growing our event will always be prioritized and rotated in more heavily. I also require an even variety of vendor types per event, so if you make similar items as many other applicants, you will not be accepted as often. I can't have 1/3rd of the vendors on one date selling candles.

  • How do I become a sponsor?

Please email me at and see our sponsor info page.

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